LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week 2017: Resilient, resourceful, remarkable families

LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week returns from 6 March, 2017. Record numbers of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people now adopt and foster in the UK but with some 70,000 children in care in England alone, there is still a real need for more LGBT people to consider adoption or fostering. However, as our children have often experienced chaotic early years potential adopters and foster carers need to be resilient and resourceful to form remarkable families.



Alex – a trans adopter – shares his story to encourage more trans people to consider adopting or fostering for LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week 2017.


I’m LGBT – how do I find out more about adoption or fostering?

A good place to start is attending an information session – these outline the process for you – and there’s no commitment just by attending them.

For LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week 2017 there’s over 40 information sessions planned across the UK. You can find your nearest on our dedicated website.

New Family Social is also holding two free information sessions – specifically for LGBT people –  in Manchester on 9 March and London on 10 March. You can hear from LGBT people who are already parents or are foster carers and talk to experts from agencies that welcome LGBT applicants.

You can also find out more on the main New Family Social website.


Is there any research around LGBT people adopting or fostering?

general-afw-2017-male-two-hashtagsRecent studies have shown that LGBT people are more open to:

– adopting siblings
– children with attachment difficulties
– older children
– children with behavioural difficulties

These are all categories of children often seen by professionals as ‘harder-to-place’


You can also watch short films of LGBT adoptive parents and foster carers on our website.


What are the most recent government statistics?

  • 1 in 10 adoptions in England in 2016 were to same-sex couples. In total there’s been 2,140 adoptions to same-sex couples in England since monitoring began.
  • In Scotland, in 2015, there were 22 adoptions to same-sex couples. In total there’s been 67 adoptions to same-sex couples in Scotland since monitoring began..
  • In Wales, in 2016, there were 20 adoptions to same-sex couples. Since reporting began there’s been 110 adoptions to same-sex couples.

These statistics do not include single adopters who are lesbian, gay or bisexual. Also not included in data collection is whether a person is trans. Finally, as the data collected focuses on the family consistency and not the adopters’ sexual orientation, the number of bisexual people in opposite-sex relationships is unknown.

You can find more statistics on the New Family Social resources page.


What is LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week?


LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week is an annual campaign – led by New Family Social – to encourage more LGBT people to explore fostering and adoption. In 2016 it reached over 19 million people. The week brings together adoption and foster care services across the UK.





I work for an adoption service/foster care agency. How can  I get involved?


You can support LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week 2017, by:

– organising an information session specifically for LGBT people.
– making sure your materials positively include references to LGBT people; whether they are marketing materials, training materials or materials used to support your adopters/foster carers;
– following the campaign on social media




How can I show my support in a personal capacity?



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